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Trestle-style and Farmhouse Tables

Below you'll find a brief guide to many of our most popular dining table styles. If you don't see one that appeals to you, please feel free to contact us with your design ideas and we'd be happy to see what we can create just for you!

Keep in mind that many features and options can weigh into the final price of a table and not all table designs are well-suited for all sizes. In particular, trestle-style tables can be challenging to place chairs around in shorter lengths, so the Sonia Baluster and Scroll styles are shown starting at 84" long. That doesn't mean they can't be made shorter, but it does mean there are functional considerations that need to be addressed to make sure it's a good option for you. All other table designs are shown starting at 72". Shorter options may be available, but pricing starts at the 72" size.

The Laney Baluster Trestle

The Laney Baluster is regal, heavy, and beautifully detailed. It's definitely a statement piece! 

Starting at $1650

The Sonia Baluster Trestle

The Sonia Baluster is sleek and modern with plenty of stylish details. This is one of our most popular designs!

Starting at $1650

The SCROLL Trestle

The Scroll Trestle is graceful and rugged. It's a personal favorite and works well in many room designs!

Starting at $1700

The Hourglass Trestle

The Hourglass Trestle Table features classic styling and can easily find a home in decors from farmhouse to transitional!

Starting at $1250

The Classic Campaign Trestle

With simple, clean lines and a refined silhouette, our Classic Campaign Trestle Table is a showstopper in virtually any dining room.

Starting at $1350

The A-line truss Trestle

The A-Line Truss Trestle is versatile and classic. It's well-suited for farmhouse, modern, and industrial spaces!

Starting at $1350

The Jackson Turned Leg Table

The Jackson Turned Leg Table features an exquisite French-inspired turned leg design with an upscale, yet inviting, appeal.

Starting at $1250

The Woden Turned Leg Table

The beautiful Woden Turned Leg Table features chunky lathe-turned legs with an updated yet classic aesthetic.

Starting at $1250

The Lewis Creek Tapered Leg Table

With it's substantial, gently tapered legs, our Lewis Creek Dining Table is rugged and sophisticated.

Starting at $1250

The Avery Farmhouse table

The Avery Farmhouse Table is warm and charming. What is more inviting than this traditional beauty?

Starting at $1150

The Sloane Farmhouse table

The Sloane Farmhouse Table pairs a classic turned leg with unique details for a stunning traditional, yet updated, design.

Starting at $1250

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